Project Management SERVICES

Implement process and standards throughout the project life cycle.

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Project Management Services

The number of deliverables you produce to adequately manage and control your project depends on several things: the complexity, scope, scale, and duration are the primary variables. When you have a project with a large and complex scope, it is crucial to track, analyze, and report all the changes and activities that occur during development.

Project Management Services

Throughout the life cycle of the project, you should follow project management process and documentation standards to the letter. This will provide the product team with immediate feedback in status meetings, which allows for the incorporation of improvements in work approach. It also allows for the processing of current and future projects.

The Project Lifecycle in Servsys

As the foundation of your project, the initiating phase is very important in determining the success of the entire process. The purpose of the initiating phase is to ensure your project objectives are well-defined and to establish proper quality control and project management at the onset. It also serves to identify the resources that will be required to create each deliverable. In the initiating phase, we create the initial working documents that we will use to manage the execution of the project from start to finish. We make sure that the detailed definition of the project is understood and agreed-upon by all stakeholders.

The planning phase is another key factor in the success of any project. Proper planning can skyrocket your project to success and ensure you meet goals on budget and on time. During the planning phase, the implementation team gets busy. They will assess the readiness of the physical site and work with the procurement team to make sure that the equipment will be delivered within the correct time frame. They build the LLD (low-level design) while the project manager updates the detailed project plan and continuously monitors the progress to make sure everything stays on track.

Once the initiating and planning phases are complete, it is time to begin managing the project delivery phase. By now, the project definition has been approved by stakeholders and the project management working deliverables are established. We manage the executing of the project and track its progress against the plans we established during the initiating and planning phases. During the executing phase, it’s important to adjust and resolve issues quickly to make sure the project plan is consistently followed.

We periodically report progress to stakeholders via Project Status Reports and review meetings, helping to evaluate and ensure the “health and progress” of the project based on the project definition and milestones within the parameters of the project plan. These status reports and meetings will give stakeholders a good idea of the project accomplishments, challenges, and commitments in real time, allowing for any necessary adjustments.

In this final phase, Servsys manages the closure of the project, working to provide a lasting positive impression to the client and everyone involved. We will complete the project execution tasks, facilitate the technical handover, and carefully inspect all deliverables for quality and effectiveness. We will also create and file control documents and prepare and properly preserve the project’s documentation and history so they can be easily accessed in the future.