Infrastructure SERVICES

Keep your business running smoothly by improving security, efficiency, and reliability.

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Infrastructure Services to Lay the Foundation for Your Success

At Servsys, we know that the success of your organization depends on how smoothly your technology runs. We’re dedicated to providing infrastructure services that lay a stable foundation for all the technology that your business depends on each day.

Project Management Services

Whether you’re building from scratch or you simply need to make improvements to existing infrastructure, Servsys can provide the tools and expertise you need to create an IT infrastructure that works for your business. We offer a wide variety of services, all with a common goal in mind: to keep your business running smoothly by improving security, efficiency, and reliability.

Servsys Infrastructure Services

Our IT experts offer a wide range of infrastructure services that we customize to fit your needs. We’ll take into account your organization’s goals, budget, timeline, size, and existing infrastructure to come up with the best solutions to your IT infrastructure problems.

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Physical Security Solutions

Offers reliable, scalable solutions allowing you to maintain your business’s safety and security and protecting you from a variety of threats, including vandalism, theft, and natural disaster.

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Video Surveillance and Analytics

Improves threat detection and situational awareness by analyzing video data, offering tighter security and more actionable security intelligence.

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Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) Surveillance Solutions

These professional video security camera systems are highly secure. They can store, record and display data, and they back up automatically.

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Access Control Solutions

Restricts access of devices or networks to those who are unauthorized, allowing for tighter security and safety of both data and equipment.

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Central Integration Management Solutions

Streamlines your integration projects and gives you the ability to predict, respond to, and prevent issues from affecting system and application availability.

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Intercom Solutions

Provides intercom systems for security and/or communication, tailored to your company’s needs. Can include enhanced communication such as video or image transfer.

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Audio Visual Solutions

Provides the installation and maintenance of high-quality audio visual (AV) solutions for optimum interaction between various components of your infrastructure.

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Public Address (PA) Systems and Voice Alarm Systems

Includes a system of microphones, amplifiers, and loudspeakers throughout your building or campus to provide clear communication in case of emergency or another important campus-wide announcement.

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Meeting and Conference Rooms Solutions

Improves the communication capabilities of meeting and conference rooms to allow for more efficient and effective in-person and/or remote communication.

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Hotel Interactive TV (HITV) and Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) Solutions

Provides interactive modules to offer users information, entertainment, and/or personalized services through TV systems or computer networks.

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Large Format Video Walls

Provides the installation and maintenance of high-quality, high-resolution video wall displays that are tailored to your business’s needs and are integrated within your infrastructure to offer excellent visuals for control rooms or other uses.

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Network Closet & Structured Cabling Infrastructure Design and Implementation

Design, installation, and maintenance of a centralized cabling network that is built to maximize performance, minimize upkeep, and allow for a high-performance and scalable data center.