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Implementation Services

At Servsys, we have a methodical approach for all of our Implementation Service opportunities. We can help you meet deadlines, stay on track with your goals, save time, and increase the quality and functionality of your end product. Our goal is to make sure every engagement—no matter how complex— leads to a successful, satisfactory outcome for our client.

Requirements Validation

Requirements Validation

Our requirements validation services include validating your project scope and proposing a solution to suit your needs. This helps to reduce the risk of gaps or errors that will lead to defects later on. We also proactively monitor the project throughout its lifecycle and report any issues that may occur.

Requirements Validation

Facilities Qualification / Site Survey

Our IT site survey services provide you with a physical survey of your space. We verify the basic site and building details, review infrastructure equipment details (including power details, cabling details, indoor/outdoor requirements, active and passive network details, rack layout, security access, physical specifications, and site environmental requirements). We figure out the logistics for equipment delivery and report the status of site readiness. We then deliver a Site Requirements Specification (SRS) document that describes your facility and its ability to accommodate technology

Requirements Validation

Low-Level Design Development

We’ll meet with your team to conduct a technical workshop in which we gather all the technical requirements, such as IP addressing, VLAN, and routing protocols. Then, we deliver an LLD document to serve as your blueprint and reference document for network operations troubleshooting and future changes. We include the following: purpose, scope and objectives, design considerations, software versions, network diagrams, modules, assumptions and caveats, network overview, physical and logical interconnections, integration strategies, and best practices.

Requirements Validation

Migration Plan Development

We collect the details of your existing infrastructure and identify the hardware, software, and applications that are to be migrated. We perform a risk analysis and report it to all stakeholders. Then, we deliver a Migration Plan with step-by-step instructions detailing the best practices for migration, along with a rollback strategy.

Requirements Validation

User Acceptance Test Plan Development (UAT)

UAT is essential, and it’s crucial to plan ahead thoroughly if you want your end product to perform well and if you want to reduce time and costs. Our UAT planning experts will finalize the user acceptance criterion, creating a plan that will ensure the project meets all requirements and performs as expected. Then, they will prepare and deliver the UAT documentation to you so that the UAT can be executed.

Requirements Validation

Implementation and Acceptance Test Execution

After your UAT plan is finalized, someone will need to execute it—and who better than the experts at Servsys? We’ll verify your product inventory and then supervise the mounting and cabling of supplied network components according to SRS and LLD. We will implement the project according to the LLC and migration plan, if applicable, and then perform the user acceptance testing of the complete project.

Requirements Validation

Knowledge Transfer and Final Documentation

Effective knowledge management is one of the keys to a smooth-running business. There are many times when it helps to have someone overseeing the knowledge transfer process to ensure the right information is given to the right people, especially when it comes to complex IT topics. Along with facilitating knowledge transfer sessions, we will prepare and deliver the As-Built documentation to you.

Requirements Validation

Handover to Servsys Support

If you need someone to handle all the implementation for you, you can hand over all technical details and documents to the team at Servsys. We will conduct a technical session with the support team and ensure everything is taken care of. This is great for medium to large-scale project deployments.